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25 janvier 2017 3 25 /01 /janvier /2017 02:00

There are moments in history, rare it is true, where occurs an encounter between a people and a man.

For the United States, this meeting took place with the election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1932, which, exceptionally, was elected four times.

Roosevelt managed to break the wall of inertia embodied by president Hoover, who persisted in his wanderings in spite of the severe crisis of 1929. But Roosevelt could do nothing against the pacifism and non-interventionism dominant and had to wait until the tragedy of Pearl Harbor to cause the United States in the war.

The Balance sheet of the Obama presidency is probably as catastrophic as was that of President Hoover. Same refusal to take into account the realities ; the same tendency to persist in the mistakes of the past ; the same dramatic consequences of disorders and wars.

... The speech of the Trump, this Friday, January 20, 2017, will remain as famous as the one that gave Franklin Delano Roosevelt October 31, 1936 in Madison square Garden.

The reactionary conservatives are in the camp of "democrats" or the self-proclaimed "progressives". Any reform that would challenge their domination on society and the world order such that they have built, the owls. They are positive to manufacture by the millions of the unemployed, assisted ; positive to throw on the roads of the millions of refugees ; they are positive, by NGO intermediaries, the system of camps in which are herded millions of stray ; they find positive myths which are at the base of the violent islamic terrorist.

Do not protect-they are not the enormous lie of Jerusalem, holy place of Islam, while Mohammed has never set foot in Jerusalem, and that the latter is never mentioned in the Qur'an ? They validate and a terrible confusion between muslim conquest and sacralization of places conquered, thus fueling the expansion of islamic aggressive.

... Roosevelt was to leave the America of the impasse in which the policy of Hoover was kept locked up, just like Trump should get out of America (and afterwards the world), the catastrophic situation in which today years of Obama have condemned it.

What are the fundamental project of Trump ?

The leaders of the post-Second world War, believed that the western Nations, especially european nations, were the cause of all evils including wars. They therefore opted for a world dominated by the "Empires" : the soviet empire ; european empire...
The more "never again" following the horrors of the Shoah has led these leaders to systematically take the opposite of the theses of the nazis, to which they were opposed, point by point : the purity of the race they oppose its mix...

The core of this process of ideology, the rejection of the "white man" considered as the cause of the unhappiness of the world.

The white man, the Westerner, is a priori guilty of all the evils of the world. To redeem himself, he is invited to disappear.

"You have a lot to forgive these white men ; it is they who have corrupted our poor Earth... there is only one man who is single, it's the European... it can't reproduce unless you plunge into the current of humanity, of color." (Hermann Hesse, in "Europe*" Al. Books, pp. 586-587, ed R. Laffont, 2000)

This exuberant construction based on a racism in reverse, on the demonization of western civilization and, therefore, on the derived values of the Bible has led to violence endemic ; has reactivated the anti-semitism and unbelievable inequities.

It is this order which is unjust, violent, destructive, threatening every moment to explode, which was defended by the "democrats" and other "progressives".

It is this order that Trump wants to reform as long as it is still possible to do so. Deliver the America in running order is its major goal.

How he hoped to get there ?

Restore democracy and to do this, tear the power out of the hands of castes and put it back in the hands of the people.Again, Trump is not a repetition of the gesture of his glorious predecessor :
"Help me, not to win the election for myself, but for that I won the crusade to restore America to its people." (Roosevelt, disc. City)


"The ceremony today, however, has a very particular meaning, because it is not only the transfer of power from one administration to another, or from one party to another. We move the power to Washington for you to make it up to you, the people of the United States."

Put the individual at the centre of the nation and the nation in the heart of the exchange system. To achieve this, it is necessary to give the work all its value. You need to get out of the jungle of globalization, which book companies and workers to the whims of a few feudal lords, cynical, drunk on their power ; it was necessary to give to everyone the protection that all are entitled to expect of the nation ; you need to get out of the evil system of "social charity" funded by levies, ruinous to the middle class, a system that demeans those who receive, without raising the one who gives.Trump says :
"On January 20, 2017 will remain in the memories as the day when the people will have returned to power in the country. The men and women left behind in this country will not be forgotten. All the world is listening to you now. You have come by the tens of millions for you to join a movement in history, and unprecedented in the history of the world. At the center of this movement, there is the belief that the nation exists to serve its citizens. To give Americans what they need : excellent schools for their children, security in their neighbourhoods for their families and good jobs for all. These are the reasonable aspirations of a people devoted to justice."

Put the sacred at the heart of the company.Progressives and democrats of today believe, in contrast to those of yesterday, that freedom goes hand in hand with the desacralization and the rejection of religion. This denial of the sacred has led to the creation of a society confused, who no longer believes in anything and which only find meaning in consumerism. A society that is open to the four winds, defenceless, became the prey of religious ideologies retrograde, mainly those born to Islam.
The presence of the representatives of the Churches and of judaism in the swearing of the oath is the expression of the will of Trump to restore the sacred in the social order. To show that he was in some sort cement, the base.

The absence of a representative of Islam shows that this religion is a vehicle, in the state of its doctrines and beliefs, values incompatible with those of democracy.

Again, Trump does that sign in the footsteps of its glorious predecessor.

Roosevelt declared in the speech cited above :

"Because it is my deep conviction that democracy cannot live without a true religion which gives a Nation a sense of justice and of moral purpose. At the top of our political bodies, above our market places are the altars of our faith altars where burns the fire of devotion that keeps what is best in us and what is best in our Nation."

Re-establish balanced international relations. 
The international trade must be based on the process the sacrificial of the western nations, and in the first place, he is to refuse to endorse the ideology of madness advocated by the defenders of the pure Islam of its origins.When he was elected in 1932, Roosevelt dare not, alas, to confront the theses of nazi and fight in the open the rise of hitlerism. He gives in to the sirens fatal pacifism and non-interventionism in now America out of the european conflict to the chagrin of Winston Churchill.

Trump doesn't seem to want to make the mistake of his illustrious predecessor. He announces the color. He said :

"We will strengthen our old alliances and conclude other in order to unite the world to eradicate the terrorism of radical islam from the face of the Earth."

We understand that it is to fight and crush islamic terrorism with weapons, but also by the struggle against the ideology that underlies it, namely, the myths untrue, such as that of Jerusalem as a holy place of Islam.

This rant over Jerusalem culminates with the recent resolution of the UNESCO, which goes up to déjudaïser the holy city.

Those crazy islamists are of the same order as those of Hitler on the jews or on the superior race that Europe and the United States in their time had a very poorly fought.

Combat islamist violence is to combat the myths that are at its source.

This is why Trump understands that it is necessary to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the jewish State and install the american embassy.

This symbolic gesture will greatly contribute to put a final end to the islamist violence based on falsehood and myth. It will enable a muslim of good faith to reconnect with the real and get out of the logic of war.

Trump gives the Europeans a lesson of courage and muslims a message of clarity, an invitation to get out of the trap lies the mythical to enter in the history.

In presenting his program, Trump raises a storm of hatred in the clan of the wealthy elites and established, some of their good right, convinced to be the holders of the powers.

Again, he would have been able to make his note to Roosevelt :

"Never in all our history, these forces been so united against one candidate than they are today. They are unanimous in their hate for me –and their hatred makes me happy."

Trump will he be able to achieve its ambitious program ?

As I wrote that his election was an absolute necessity (I was the only one to dare to make such a prediction, see my article published on Dreuz on November 4, 2016 : Why mrs. Clinton could not be elected), I will say today that Trump has no choice.

It is forbidden to fail.

Because they do not carry out the announced reforms (for example, do not install the United States embassy in Jerusalem), would lead the world to chaos and therefore to the war.

Reproduction authorized with the following statement : © Sidney Touati for Dreuz.info.

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